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i put up a donate button on my blog


I’m actually really ashamed that I have to do this because I really don’t like asking for anything, let alone money from people, but i need help. My parents fight over any sort of fiscal decision, and usually it’s who’s going to buy food. I have a $500 debt to my credit card that I’m hoping to get paid off soon, and that was really my only worry for a long time but now

my mom’s decided she can’t pay bills in the house she takes care of. one of those includes the internet bill, which aside from needing it to talk to friends and my boyfriend, i absolutely need for school, as all my homework and assignments are done online. the internet bill is to become my responsibility, and between paying my credit card and the internet, i wont have much money left to save up for future card payments

we hardly have food on my house that doesn’t require preperation and since i go to school and work on campus, i dot come home till 6:30-7, when I start homework so im not working until ungodly late on iti dont have a lot of time to myself anymore, its just schoolwork and worry about what im eating the next day.

the situation was manageable before, and i had the funds, so i bought myself a flight to california to see my boyfriend for my 21st birthday, and literally the next day, my parents drop all this on me, and im at very low funds.

i only plan on keeping this button up until i get a good amount of money that can help me towards my goal of paying off my credit card and keeping money in saving to pay for the internet. I don’t have a specific goal. but i don’t intend to keep it open for very long. despite not having too much free time, i plan on opening commissions again once my current ones are done, but if you can donate, i would really appreciate it. if you can’t, i understand! i really don’t want to be doing this and i know other people who set up these sort of things usually need the money for important things, like operations or hormones or rent, but i figured it was worth a shot, im at the end of my rope here.

if you can donate, i really appreciate it and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. i hope i don’t ever have to do this again. thank you very much seriously, and i’m sorry.

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